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TypeScript Compile - embed, compile and run TypeScript in a web browser on the fly!

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Oct 6, 2012 at 10:08 PM


I'd like to introduce a new open source project called TypeScript Compile, which simplifies building TypeScript code. Instead of manually compiling .ts files, you just write them inside HTML page in <script type="text/typescript"></script> tag. The code is then automatically compiled and run upon page load.

Please have a look at the demo included and fork the repo if you'd like to help make it better.

Unfortunately, the lib.d.ts header file, which contains definitions of many DOM objects, is very heavy and it needs to be compiled each time, so I am considering ommiting it in next releases. But then the compiler will throw errors like "The name 'IArguments' does not exist in the current scope" in the console. Please have your say in this issue.