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Project Guidelines

Creating New Issues

Please follow the following guidelines when creating new bugs in the Issue Tracker. (See also Painless Bug Tracking.)
  • Search the Issue Tracker to see if the bug has already been reported.
  • Use a descriptive title that identifies the bug.
  • Provide a detailed description of the bug.
  • Describe the expected behavior and the actual behavior.
  • Attach a simple project that can be built and run to reproduce the bug.
  • Include any relevant error messages and stack traces.
  • Attach any relevant log or trace files.
  • Subscribe to notifications for the created issue in case there are any follow up questions.

Triage Process

We'll be using the following process to triage bugs in the Issue Tracker:
  1. New bugs are opened with the Proposed state.
  2. During triage, we'll assign bugs to a specific release or to the backlog for future work. We'll also assign a developer.
  3. Once the bug fix has been submitted, the developer will change the status to Fixed and assign it to Unassigned.
  4. The person who opened the bug should verify the fix, and mark it as Closed. Our QA team will also verify the bug fix.
We will run regular triage meetings with the project team. If there is a bug you feel strongly about but it hasn’t yet been triaged, please start a discussion.

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