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Using Backbone.Marionette with TypeScript

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Mar 22, 2014 at 10:21 AM
I have just posted an article on my blog on how to use Backbone.Marionette with TypeScript.
TypeScript : Using Backbone.Marionette and REST WebAPI (Part 1)

An overview of what is covered follows:
  • Setting up a Visual Studio 2013 project.
  • Install required nuGet packages.
  • Creating the ASP.NET HomeController and View.
  • Including required javascript libraries in our Index.cshtml.
  • Creating a Marionette.Application.
  • Adding a Marionette Region
  • Referencing the Region in the Application
  • Creating a Marionette.View
  • Using bootstrap to create a clickable NavBar Button
  • Using Backbone Models to drive NavBar buttons.
  • Creating a Backbone.Collection to hold multiple Models
  • Creating a Marionette.CompositeView to render collections
  • Rendering Model Properties in templates
  • Using Marionette Events.
Mar 27, 2014 at 8:25 AM
I have just posted Part 2 of this blog on using Backbone.Marionette with TypeScript .
TypeScript: Using Backbone.Marionette and REST WebAPI (Part 2)
This part covers the following:
  • Creating an ASP.NET WebAPI Data Controller.
  • Unit testing the WebAPI Data Controller in C#
  • Modifying the WebAPI Data Controller to return a collection of nested C# POCO objects.
  • Defining TypeScript Backbone.Model classes to match our nested class structure.
  • Writing Jasmine unit tests for our Backbone Collection.
  • Creating a Marionette.CompositeView to render data in a bootstrap table.
  • Using a Marionette.CompositeView as an ItemView
  • Rendering nested Backbone.Collections
  • Using CompositeView properties to generate html.
  • Using bootstrap styles in a Marionette.CompositeView