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decaring types for array-based tuples


Many JavaScript libraries have a way of returning tuples of data, in the form of 2-element arrays.

For example, some iterators (like Lazy.js) or stream libraries (like Highland) can iterate over an object's properties and will emit a sequence of 2 -element arrays: with the first element of each tuple being the property name, and the second one the actual value.

So when iterating a Dict object that maps strings to numbers it yields this:
[['keyA', 123], ['keyB', 456], ['keyC', 789]]
This would also be relevant when iterating ES6 Map's through a stream wrapper:
[[objA, decorationA], [objB, decorationB], [objC, decorationC]]
Maybe this could in some way mesh with the indexer declaration feature? It seems conceptually closely related.

interface MapTuple<K, V> {
    [0]: K;
    [1]: V;
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